Tool to flip through exported data displaying the image?

So following the guidelines rather than create a very specific project based on a unique spatial extent I exported inaturalist data that covers the general larger area, dropped it into GIS and spatially selected specific records for my region.

I now want to be able to flip from record to record displaying the image of each record so I can visually see what each looks like in an effort to clean out the records I do not want. Basically I want to view observations like on inaturalist website, but I want to do it on my own downloaded and cleaned subset of the data.

Any existing tools that do this?



I’ve done a little bit with Google’s MyMaps. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for, but you can link it to Google Sheets with spatial data and it looks like you can link it to Google Photos too. Not sure if you could do both at the same time, but here’s one that someone made where clicking on the points shows the photos taken there.

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Yea I can do that in a GIS environment, and it is actually how I filtered my data, clicking on points which brings up the images and then clicking on the record link to open the observation in Inaturalist if I want more information.

What I really want is the same kind of display that is in iNataturalist where I can see a grid of all the images, each image being a link to the observation in inaturalist, so I can quickly at a glance filter through all of them, rather than clicking each point to bring up just the image for that record.

I am sure I can make my own script and such to do this kind of thing, I just was hoping someone already created a tool for this :)

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if you have a list of observations with photo URLs, Google Sheets makes it pretty easy to pull in the images:

there are lots of other easy ways to do something similar. i guess what’s easiest just depends on what you have access to and are comfortable with using…

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