Top Identifiers Not Changing in Response to Taxon or Place Searches

I’m going to guide you through with what I’m seeing but I’ll post photos to show you what I’m seeing.

If you go to the “Identify” page of iNat, on the right hand side you’ll see the “Top Identifiers” with the rank, user and identifications. Now pick any taxon or place to type into the “Species” or “Place” bar on the left hand side below “Identify”. When the result come in, it will still show the global Top 10 identifiers. I noticed this problem about a week ago and I’m wondering if anyone else is noticing.

First photo, this is what you see when you enter the “Identify” page.

Second photo, I’ve added “Eastern and Western Meadowlarks” as a species and “Texas” as a place and it still shows the same Top 10 identifiers with the same identifications on the right-hand side.


It changes if you reload the page in the browser, but it seems like it should just by hitting “Go,” and it doesn’t when I do that, either.


I just refreshed the page and it did exactly as your said. But as I mentioned before, this bug or whatever it is only started a week ago.


I broke it, so I guess I’ll fix it, while I once again regret adding it.