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Along with the total number of my observations, there’s a total of species: does it mean that I’ve observed this total of different species? Does it count even if not research level?

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I believe so. Some of them may not even be species; mine include genuses and other higher taxa where none of my observations have been identified to species.


Yes, those numbers do include non-research grade observations. (I’m not sure, but I believe they even include casual observations.) Depending upon which spot you look, you may see different numbers. That’s because of how the site does its calculations. On your profile page, I believe it’s doing a leaf count, where higher taxonomic levels like genera or families are counted if you have observations of them, but nothing at a finer taxonomic level within them. (So, for example, if you have an observation of an unidentified Empidonax flycatcher, a very common observation, the genus would count as a leaf if you don’t have any Empidonax id’d to species.) If you’re looking at the “leader-list” comparisons, those numbers will typically be lower because doing the leaf calculation for everyone at the same time would take too much processing power. Thus, those numbers are just species-level ID’s. I’m not sure how the new life list’s compare to that profile page – I haven’t checked. The older, buggy life lists routinely leave certain species out, for some reason – I’ve tried repeatedly to get Nine-banded Armadillo onto mine, and although it is on the download, it’s apparently shy about being shown in on-line lists or something.


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