Tracking Project Progress

Is there any way to tell when a project was created? (mine)
I’d like to know if it is possible to access the history of the progress of a project? For example, how many species had been identified to RG when the project was created, as compared with now? How many observations then/now? How has membership increased? Identifiers? and so on.
I feel like I could be encouraging more appreciation for my project by journaling the progress, but I don’t know how to find the data I need.

The “About” section on both traditional and collection projects has the date the project was created and the user who created it.


Thank you so much, the “read more” under about leads to the info page.

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Since it’s a moths-of-my-state project, I did use the search box “Lepidoptera” then in project (my project name), then before the date the project began and restricted to RG. However, that only filters for what was observed before the start date of the project, not for what was identified by that time, correct?
I should’ve thought to take a screenshot, because the main reason for starting the project was to rally identifiers to help the hundreds of pages of unidentified Leps in my state. I know we were around 900 when I started and now, with much help, are over 1600. It would be nice to see the progress charted, though.

I have the same project for my state, but have one that is for RG and one that are not at RG yet. You can use this tool to download the observations and the last column will contain the date it was verfiied. You just have to comma separate that column into multiple columns to get a column with the date verified only. You could then sort by that. I just update a spreadsheet now with what has been newly verified to RG.

That sounds beyond my Excel training. I was looking for a kind of progress chart that shows new species observed, identified by year, each year since project was started.

Do you want something that updates live, or just update every now and then?