Traditional project: finding members and observations that are still obscured

We have a traditional project that we are trying to optimize. One thing that would be useful is to be able to identify whether an observation is a member of the project or not in the downloaded data as well as to be able to download a list of members. The other thing would be to be able to use a url to filter to obscured (cuz geoprivacy or taxon_geoprivacy) records that we cannot see the private coordinates of. For instance, adding “&geoprivacy=open&taxon_geoprivacy=obscured” to a url filters to observations obscured by taxon geoprivacy, but many of those we have access to the private_latitude and private_longitude. Sure, I can use this to filter and then download and then filter the csv within excel to only records with no private coordinates, but it’d be more useful to be able to just filter using the url. Any help would be appreciated.

How to get project members using the API:


Project ID from the “Observations” link:


Copy/paste the results to MS Word, then replace all “name”:" by ^p (line feed):

Then replace all " by ^t (tabulation):

Copy/paste to MS Excel and get the members in a column (full names in A, usernames in K):

If there are more than 30 members, use per_page=100 in the API URL.
If there are more than 100 members, user page=1, page=2… in the API URL.

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Thanks for the prompt - have added my 500 ish obs to the project.

PS why does your map show scattered obs across the world, beyond Africa?
For example
Checked two more, something is glitchy and not restricting obs to Africa.

@kildor has made web page that helps with this. for more info, see:

Thank you.

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