Trouble getting observations to appear in the project


I have some observations that were done within inaturalist, but uploaded at a later date. when I look at them in the mobile app, they appear ok. but they never show in the project either on the computer or app. They do appear under my observations.

Also I uploaded a photo today, and cannot get it to link to the project.
Others at work are having a similar issue. I can’t figure out what everyone is doing wrong/differently.
The project is : IBM-RTP-2018
(we still have it open, as we don’t care that it’s now 2019).


I think you will find that the observation is not in the IBM campus location. It looks like the location has a pretty irregular design, and this observation is not in it.

If you click on the details drop down under the map, and look at the places listed, you will not see the campus listed.

If you open any of the records from the project that did get in, and do the same thing you will see the campus listed under that list.

You either need to redraw the campus location to encompass this spot, or move the observation slightly so that it gets into the defined geography of the campus.


As Chris says, the obs location falls outside the place boundary. The Place boundary is made up of 3 seperate polys, with varying amounts of space between them, and the first obs above falls right in between two of them!

The second obs doesn’t look to have a pin location at all, so it can’t be picked up by the project.

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