Trouble searching for obscured observations on the "edit observations" page

I am on the web app trying to batch edit several obscured observations to make them public, however, when I select the area the observations are in through the “edit observations” page, none of my obscured observations are found.

I’m having to search for observations in much wider area as to capture the observations’ obscured coordinates rather than their true coordinates. If I do that, it finds them when I hit search. This is no good however because it also captures many other obscured observations that I wish to leave obscured. The only option would be to individually and manually change the geoprivacy of each observation I want changed, but that would be cumbersome, and I don’t think this is how it’s supposed to work.

What can I do to fix this? Am I doing something wrong?

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Can you walk through your steps a bit more? I’m not sure if I’m quite understanding.


  1. You are at this page,
  2. You filter to just geoprivacy=obscured (and press Search)
  3. You zoom into the map area where the obscured observations were made (the true location)
  4. Then click “Redo search in map area”
  5. And you do not get a whittled-down list of just the observations you made in that map area?

Yes. I apologize for not being more clear, but this is what’s happening.

UPDATE: On a whim, I just decided to try it again. For whatever reason, it’s working now. I’m getting the list of obscured observations where I wasn’t before, despite several making attempts earlier. Perhaps the server was bugging out? I don’t really know.

But thanks for taking the time to try and help me. I appreciate it.

(edit: sorry for making clutter by deleting that reply above. i should have just edited it. woops)


glad it’s working now!