Two problems with 2013 observations -- what to do?

Among the observations uploaded in 2013, quite a few lack photos. The data is all there. For the photo, just a black-margined bit of white. Examples: and

These seem useless at this point. Should these be removed? How can I mark them so that someone can come through and remove them?

A different problem is that quite a few of the South African records uploaded in September 2013 are duplicated. Usually exact duplicates, though by this time some have different identifications. Should the duplicates be removed? How can I mark them so that someone can come through and remove them?

Here’s one of the duplicates that was noted as a duplicate 3 years ago but not deleted:

Those are tied to the old google street view project for the Galapagos. I think they are no longer in a partnership, hence the removal of the images. If you check the info page, it says the source is google street view:

Probably the only people who can remove them are the original iNat uploaders. But since they aren’t around anymore, I wouldn’t expect to see much happen.

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I think those two observations were part of the Darwin for a Day thing in 2013: I might be mistaken but I think ther emight have been some copyright issues there, so the photos were removed but it looks like iNat still thinks the observations have photos. I don’t see any there, so I just voted “no” for “Evidence of organism” in the DQA.

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Here’s another blank one, from Mexico, September 11:

It’s true that a whole bunch of Galapagos records were removed, but there are others that lack photos.

In that case, since the user is still active I’d comment or message the user and ask them if they still have the photo somewhere (odds are slim there…) and can add it to the observation.

Looks like the Darwin for a Day photos hadn’t actually been removed at that point, but they should be gone now, sorry about that.

Thank you!

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