Two separate profiles?

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I first registered on iNat years ago. Recently I was “invited” to move to Naturalista, since I live in Mexico, which I did. But I cannot access the forum from my Naturalista profile — I have to log in separately to iNat, and then access through there, as if I had two carbon-copy profiles acting independently from each other. So can people from Naturalista access the forum, or is this a bug?

Unfortunately the “Log in with iNaturalist” functionality on the forum (which is hosted and run by Discourse) only works if you’re logging in to in your browser. It won’t work if you’re logged in to any network member site. You don’t have two different profiles, it’s simply which site you’re logged in on.


I am aware that I don’t have two profiles, but it’s very confusing that I can use my same user name and password to access any iNaturalist site, and be logged into several at the same time. (Right now I am logged into Naturalista, iNaturalist org and iNaturalist New Zealand.)

Is this how it’s supposed to be? It doesn’t sound too secure to me. Also, how are members counted in each site then?

Yes. They’re basically just different portals into iNaturalist.

Not sure what you mean here. Which count are you referring to?


I find it convenient to be able to look at things from a New Zealand perspective (via and from an international perspective (.org). I can’t imagine it being any less secure for the ability to do so… it’s kind of like having a safe in a room, where the room has many doors opening into it. It doesn’t matter what door you go through, you still need the combination to the safe…