Two small updates to umbrella projects

As of yesterday, we’ve made two small updates to umbrella projects:

  • And umbrella project can now contain no more than 500 projects. As only two umbrella projects currently contain more than the 500 projects, we think this will affect a vanishingly few number of users. The two projects with more than 500 projects have their current number of projects set as their limits.

  • It is now possible to turn off project flags on the umbrella project’s map, in case it looks too cluttered. You will see the option thusly on the project’s edit page:



Quick question: what umbrella projects have more than 500 projects under them?

Thanks for the update. That’s good news for me, it sounds like I struck a bug perhaps when trying to add an additional Project to this one, about 12 hours ago.

Error msg says “Canot have more than 5 Project rules”

I had added a Project an hour or two before that without issues,

I haven’t counted the Projects in that Umbrella but it is well under 100.

Can’t see how to add screenshot as link - feel free to delete screenshot if you prefer.

annot have

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Sorry about this, we’ll take a look.

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Loved your post tiwane because it makes all the difference to get a response, as you routinely do. I really appreciate it.


This should be fixed now.

Should be and

Thanks, It is:)

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How do you see a list of umbrella projects? I see all the projects, but didn’t know there were umbrella projects.

There isn’t a way to search for umbrella projects.

Maybe I am missing the obvious, but what is the point of an umbrella project if no one knows about them or can search/view them?

same as any other project. it isn’t that you can’t search for them, it’s that you can’t search specifically for them (right?)

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Like @charlie says, you cannot search specifically for umbrella projects. But they will definitely turn up in search results.

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