UK for 6 weeks; advice on wildlife viewing?

Maybe… or I’m officially just confused as to which town is where that we are going. Cork doesn’t sound as familiar so I may have gotten it in the wrong country in my mind and will remap that.

It’s been about 6 years since I was last at home in the UK and a lot has happened since then so I’m not sure if my recommendations will be fully accurate and up to date. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has many centres all around the UK that you can visit. Some will be a small unmanned shack on a trail and some are big centres staffed by volunteers with equipment you can borrow. Bempton Cliffs RSPB mentioned above is a great place to visit, especially during puffin season. It’s not far from Scarborough (my hometown) so while you’re in the area you could do a boat trip looking for basking sharks and seals, visit the castle (lots of very cool castles all over the UK often with large grounds to walk around in), visit some great pubs (again, do this all over the UK), and walk along the clifftops/beach/moors.

While they focus on birds, in managing land for the protection of birds the RSPB has some very nice nature reserves. - here you can find lists of their centres, best times of year to visit, opening hours and what species you can expect to see in each location.

The Lake District is beautiful (Helvellyn is my favourite peak there), as is Snowdonia, the Peak District and all of Scotland. There’s another puffin colony on Rathlin Island off the north coast of Northern Ireland and the mainland coast there and in Scarborough have become well known for surfing.

Enjoy your trip - I may also be returning to the UK for a visit in May!

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I wouldn’t consider that a relevant factor for consideration tbh. I was there in October and I don’t recall noticing any fire damage whatsoever. Certainly not in any of the more central/accessible parts that someone touring through is liable to come across.
Anyway, good to see someone else mentioning The Burren :)

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@alec_mcclay and @bsteer , I’m a wildland firefighter so fire damage is something I’m used to seeing all the time. It is sad and would prefer not to see it, but unfortunately it happens and is happening more and more. I’m already prepping to be sent out on fires when I return home. Our season in the US doesn’t take much of a break anymore. Thanks for the heads up though, maybe it won’t be too noticeable.

I’m eager to get on the plane with all these suggestions and am pretty sure I’m going to have to visit again.

Have a great time. Will follow you on iNat and look forward to seeing where you got to and what you saw!

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