Help with a project

I am trying to establish a project for iNaturalist.

When I attempt to add a record, I’m unable to attribute it to the project. On mobile I tab the name of the project and nothing happens.

I’ve tried to make the requirements as open as possible, selecting any where I can, and none at all for taxa, places, and users so that any is possible.

Any ideas where I might be going wrong here?


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It’s a collectional project, you cant add observations there manually, you need to add prameters so filters will work in the project, if you want to only add records manually, you need a traditional project.


Thank you for your reply Marina. When I go to create a project, I see Collection and Umbrella. Is traditional project different to Umbrella? If so, where might I find the option to create a traditional project?

Scroll a little bit further down from umbrella/collectional, there’s a link to create a traditional project in the text block.

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You may also want to read this “managing projects” page – lots of really great info there! :)

Thanks @fffffffff and @sambiology - I have realised that my problem is that I don’t have the 50 required observations to create a traditional project.

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To find the extra obs to reach 50 have you looked at the UK and Europe. Many of the older burial grounds have become green lung park spaces.
But - I don’t see any obs for you on iNat?

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