Umbrella project shown on observations that are not in it

It looks like each of my observations have a sign of Home Projects Umbrella while they don’t fall into it or one of projects within it:

All my observations that do fall there are:

Seconding this bug.

For instance this observation Idaea rubraria from 55041 Casoli LU, Italy on August 06, 2021 at 11:13 PM by Jakob Fahr · iNaturalist while only observations that are part of Hinterhofticker (HiHoTi) · iNaturalist should be in the umbrella project.

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I see this on all of my observations now too, not just the ones in my home project. Two questions:

  1. When did you first notice this? I have another report from Sept 7.
  2. Is it happening with any other umbrella projects?
  1. since a few days, maybe a week ago
  2. the only other umbrella project I’ve joined is not showing up on observations that don’t fit the project filter.

Strangely enough, Home Projects Umbrella never showed up next to my observations from the Hinterhofticker in the past, but now the umbrella project shows up on all my observations.


I only joined it a couple days ago, so it shows since then, other umbrella project are not showing up like that.

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To confuse things, I have noticed that some other umbrella projects are no longer appearing automatically as they did – about, say, two weeks ago. More or less around the same time when the internal server error appeared for the checklist option in the compare module:

Bug report here:


There was a problematic project that I removed. Now the badge should not be appearing on all of the observations of umbrella project members. Thanks to @tonyrebelo for finding that and alerting me via direct message on iNat.

However, like @olrett reported for other umbrella projects, now I don’t see the umbrella project badge on my observations that are in the project. So, the opposite problem. If any umbrella projects are displaying now, please drop links below.

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I checked a few observations from two South African gardens, and the displaying of the projects (collection and its umbrella) is as it should be. No unexpected issues found.

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