Unable to click observations

my computer shows the observations on the map, but when I zoom in, the “hand” remains and will not switch to a “pointing finger” so I can click on an observations to see what it is.

Can you share a link to a page where this occurs?

I actually get this behaviour often. I don’t think it is a specific page. Basically I can only resolve by continuing to zoom in closer and eventually it seems to register and allow clicking.



yeah, its driving me crazy…it seems to tease you and show the pointing finger once in a while, but I zoom and zoom and nothing happens. maybe I have to use google chrome or something. I changed compatability mode and that did not work either, thanks for the info

FYI not related to the issue raised in the other thread of multiple things not working (saving comments, ID’s etc), this is a longstanding issue, not just today.

ok, thanks. I guess they gotta sic some powerful IT onto this…ha ha

I’ve seen that myself. Sometimes the maps don’t load very quickly when you are zooming in or out and the functionality is delayed or doesn’t operate at certain magnifications of the map.

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I too have seen this. Some pins aren’t clickable unless you zoom in or maybe out.

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I’ve noticed that sometimes I need to move around the pin/circle until it becomes clickable, and not always where I think the clickable spot should be!

I’ve split the “dead spot” issue into a separate topic.

@bohawg is your issue here related to that dead spot issue? If not, I imagine it’s likely because it will take some time for all the pins to load on the map before you can click on them. Can you please share a screenshot?

the dead spot issue has been fixed. so if anyone still notices clickability issues, then it’s not related to that.

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it doesn’t look like @bohawg has been on the forum since the dead spot issue was fixed, and no one else has commented on any further clickability issues. so i assume all is well, and everything has been fixed. time to close this out?

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