Unable to modify terms of a project that changed from traditional to collection

Hi everybody,

When you directly create a collection project it is not allowed to set up a Terms section. This section is only present in traditional projects.

We’ve recently made a transition from a traditional project to a collection project to track the biodiversity of our municipality, in Spain. Because a collection project is better for our objectives.

But now, when people joins the collection project, they have to accept the terms of the former traditional one, and we have no options to modify this terms, we can only modify the project description.

The project URL: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/flora-y-fauna-comun-de-tres-cantos

How we could modify Terms in a collection project? Does anyone have the same problem? Is this an error?

Thank you in advance.


@arba3c, welcome to the iNat forum and thanks for reporting this. I think this might have been unintentionally overlooked when they added the Collection projects feature, so I’ve moved this to the #bug-reports category.

(Screenshot of when I tried to join the project, showing the Terms section to illustrate the issue.)


Hi everybody,
to date the problem persist. We don´t know what to do. We think that the persistence of the old rules add confusion and may discourage new users to join the project. We are thinking to remake the project as collection project from the beginning to avoid this problem, but before, we would like to know the mean time to fix a bug. It’s just to decide if it’s better to wait to the bug fixing or not.

Thanks in advance.


It’s probably just easiest (and faster) to remake the project and delete the old one - as a collection project it should aggregate all the same observations!


Thank you for your answer, Kestrel. Finnaly we will remake our project and send a message to the (few) pepole that has joined the old project to invite them to the new one. As you say, it will be the easyest and faster way.

Thank you for your help!

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I’m sorry for the late reply @arba3c, I think this was an oversight when making the conversion tool. I’ll see if we can fix it.

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Thank you tiwane, no problem.

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