Unable to resume creating observations when laptop was in Sleep Mode

Platform: Website

App version number, if a mobile app issue:

Browser, if a website issue: Chrome

URLs of any relevant observations or pages:

Screenshots of what you are seeing :

Description of problem:

Step 1: Begin creating observations

Step 2: Leave, close laptop (enters Sleep Mode)

Step 3: Return, log in (wakes up)

Step 4: Resume adding observations

Step 5: See popup requesting you to sign in to iNaturalist

Step 6: Fill out username and password, click sign in, resume creating observations

Step 7: See the popup again, and again, and again

This has so far happened to me twice, and it’s extremely annoying. I like to upload about fifty observations at once, but this means if I leave in the middle I won’t be able to keep going. After I enter my username and password, I get about one second to try and work on an observation before I have to log in again. If I don’t click anything, it doesn’t happen, but as soon as I do it pops up again. It just started about a week or two ago - is it some sort of new feature malfunctioning?

Has anyone else had this problem? The only “fix” I can find is to bypass it by submitting all completed obs before leaving. Any help welcomed.

What takes this amount of time? Maybe you should at the information in your photos before uploading so you can finish uploading 50 photos in time?

How long is the computer asleep for?

I’m only allowed to use my laptop in the morning, so if I start late I have to stop in the middle. When this started happening it was asleep for about a day.

Someone mentioned in a different post that there is a feature that requires you to log in again after 24 hrs of not using iNat. That sounds like what this is, except that it appears to be malfunctioning since entering my username and password didn’t make it disappear. It would be very helpful if this could be fixed, since I currently have a huge backlog of observations and keep having to stop in the middle of uploading them.