Posting multiple observations on the desktop site causes some observations to not post

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I take many photos in a given day, so I usually upload them through the iNaturalist website on my laptop when I get home. For months now, I’ve encountered an issue where adding the filled out observation drafts to projects causes one or more of the observations to fail to post. This occurs whether I add all of the observations to a project before posting, or if I add one or more to any project. When the post fails, I’m prompted to ignore it and continue to my observations, or to stay and fix the observation. Choosing to stay results in a blank screen and no ability to fix anything. The failed observation is gone, and any description or tags are gone. There’s a part 2 to this issue, which I’ll include after the steps of the already described issue.
Step 1: On the website, upload photos for multiple posts.
Step 2: Add any of the observations to a project before posting them all.
Step 3: Post them. There’s a good likelihood that the issue will occur.

So, since I’ve started getting that issue, I stopped adding drafts to projects before posting. As of 3 days ago, the issue has worsened. I post multiple observations daily, but for some reason, starting 3 days ago I started getting a similar issue but with tags. I always tag my observations to have information useful to me such as the county, city, abundance, and weather. Now, when I use tags, one or more of the observation drafts will often fail to post, but won’t give me any error message like usual. This means it’s totally unpredictable and hard to get screenshots of.
For example, 30 minutes ago I made 3 observation drafts, filled out each observation’s description, location, and put tags for each. When I pressed “submit 3 observations,” only one of the 3 posted. This happens inconsistently, and is very frustrating, since it means I have to remake, remap, and retype each observation. I’m hoping this bug report will help.

I wasn’t able to replicate the projects issue - I tried adding several new observations to a traditional project in the uploader and they went through fine. I think we’ll need specific details, such as:

  • which project(s) does this consistently happen for?
  • can you share a screenshot of the all of the info for one of the observation drafts?
  • Are you adding observation fields in the uploader as well?
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Happened to me lots of times as a beginner, turned out that I sometimes accidentally combined pictures of more than one observation, so check if the pictures of the disappeared observations are not attached to other observations.

I’ll take these screenshots next time I have some posts ready. I don’t add observation fields before posting.
The projects I frequently add to are as follows:

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Hi Tony, I just tested it again, and replicated the issue. I made 3 post drafts, added 5 tags to all 3 of them at the same time, then added 2 tags to 2/3 of the observations. For the observations with audio clips, I included the tags Vocalizations, and Audio. For all 3 posts I added the following tags: San Timoteo, San Timoteo Nature Sanctuary, Redlands, with Sam, and with Katie.
When I pressed “Submit 3 observations,” the observations were surrounded by green, which typically indicates that they have successfully posted. But when it brought me to my observations, only 1/3 had posted. It was one of the posts with audio clips, which also had photos. It had the same tags as the audio clip that didn’t post.
I’ve added photos of each step.
(Note, since adding this comment I’ve individually reuploaded the 2 missing posts, so if you check now, you’ll see all 3, but that’s why. I refreshed the page multiple times beforehand just to make sure that that wasn’t the issue).

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