Unable to unsubscribe from a listed taxon that I created

Platform: Website

URLs: Any listed taxon entry that you created, plus the Subscriptions page for listed taxa (https://www.inaturalist.org/subscriptions?type=listed_taxon)

Screenshots of what you are seeing:
no link to unsubscribe from updates on the entry

Description of problem: I’ve created a lot of listed taxa (taxon occurs within a place) on checklists, and I will get updates as to comments on those entries. These entries should have a link to unsubscribe from notifications, and since I’m auto-subscribed to them, they should appear within my list of subscriptions. But any entries that I create, but haven’t commented on, will not appear in the list of subscriptions, and I can’t find a way for me to stop getting notifications about them.

I tried commenting, which then adds the listed taxon to my Subscriptions page, then unsubscribing from it, and deleting my comment. But when posting another comment from a test account, I still get notifications.

(file this one under “probably working as expected, but seems wrong”)


Not a bug but working as designed. Right now a user who made something which is commented on always gets a notification about that comment, regardless of subscription status. This is mostly so we don’t have to make a separate subscription record for every single thing you can subscribe to or not, so there’s that technical piece to it.

Another reason is that, originally, the idea was that if you created something, you should be willing to discuss it. But that seems a bit silly for listed taxa, IMO.

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