Is this a bug or a solvable curation error?

I am currently going through ant species atlases and assigning ‘establishment means’ to species by place (usually country or US state).
The species Crematogaster lineolata has observations in Florida and is native, but is not assigned an establishment means. I go to click on the drop down and click on “native” as usual, but am met with a red error message at the top of the screen: “There were problems updating that listed taxon: Taxon is already on this list.”
Turns out, the species is on the checklist for Florida, but is duplicated and shows up twice; click here to see the page in question. Both of these checklist items were created at the same time by “Site Admin” but have different URLs. I can’t delete either one of them, because the existence of Research-grade observations in the place (Florida) prevents it.

I’ve never seen this before, and I’m thinking it’s more likely a bug, but wanted to make sure it isn’t solvable by curation before putting it in a bug report.


I have removed Florida from the atlas, and put it back on, and it seems to be OK now.


Oh, looks like you fixed it. I’m not sure why I didn’t think to try that. Thank you :)

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You are welcome!

Keep in mind removing a place from an atlas will also remove all descendent places and taxa listing in the checklist for those places. In this case Crematogaster lineolata has been removed from the lists for two counties in Florida.

When I put the species back in, I clicked on the « Apply establishment means to descendant places » button, and it should have moved the species back to the two counties in Florida.
It seems that someone else has since removed Florida from the atlas.

It would appear that you have deleted the atlas?

No, the atlas still exists, Florida is included and the checklist entry still has you as the creator.

I’ve add the two counties to the atlas for you. If you redo the establishment means now it should be applied to these places.

« This atlas is not active »
« lwnrngr created this atlas on 9 Jan 2024 »
« Recent Atlas Alterations : No alterations to this atlas yet »
« Recent Listed Taxon Alterations : No listed taxon alterations relevant to this atlas yet »

Please see the Atlas page which outlines the differences between an Active and Inactive Atlas

I perfectly know that, thank you.
What I mean is that the atlas was previously active, and it seems that it has been deleted, and you recreated an inactive atlas yesterday, with an empty history (no alterations, but I have altered the atlas).

It seems like this specific topic may now be better addressed via a flag for curation on iNat itself so that all of the discussion is in one place.

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