Unable to upload csv file

On website in Chrome I am unable to upload a csv file containing old observations.

Step 1: I have prepared a csv file according to the standards shown on
The first two lines of my csv file are:
Taxon naam,Datum waarneming,Beschrijving,Plaatsnaam,Breedtegraad,Lengtegraad,Labels,Geoprivacy
Larus glaucoides thayeri,2012-10-13,“United States - Clatsop (OR)”,45.9180,-123.9778,

Step 2: When I select this file to upload it, after I click upload, I get sent to the “import from other photo sites” pages and get stuck in an upload process.
Here’s a print screen:

I’ve also tried importing only a single record but get the same problem.


translation missing: en.we_tried_to_process_your_upload_named_filename

  • Latitude must be greater than -90
    • Row(s): 2

Please fix your CSV and try again.

Error messages are sent to your email address.

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Your bulk import of class-bulkobservationfile-user_id-581335-filename-frankhuysentruyt_org_v2-txt-project_id-2020-08-26 06:08:14 -0700.csv was successful. Your observations are now being processed and will soon be up on the website.

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I am sure Lengtegraad (maybe both) contains wrong information.

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I did not see the error messages in my mailbox.
My mistake but maybe an on screen error message would be more useful as well.
I, however do not get why Lengtegraad should be greater than -90.
In het example given on https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/import#csv_import
the first two examples also have longitude values under -90 (see below)

Anna’s Hummingbird,2008-03-03 2:54pm,“An aggressive male dive-bombed my head, so I took cover.”,“Tilden Regional Park, Berkeley, CA, USA”,37.8953,-122.249,“attack, danger”,obscured
Sharp-tailed Snake,2007-08-20,“Beautiful little creature”,“Leona Canyon Regional Park, Oakland, CA, USA”,37.7454,-122.111,“cute, snakes”

Solved. Once I knew where to look for the error messages, I managed to fix the mistakes in my csv.
Not the longitude was the problem, but missing quotation marks!

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