Mushroom Observer API import - lat/lon missing and error: "NoMethodError :: Taxon hasn't implemented to_any"

I attempted to use the API key to import my Mushroom Observer observations into iNaturalist for the first time. I had two main issues:

  1. The precise latitude and longitude from MO did not import. Instead, iNaturalist only imported the place name from MO. Can the precise lat/long be imported from MO, instead of the place name? [if not, maybe a feature request?]

  2. Only 18 of 500+ observations imported. I received this error message: “There was also this one big error that caused the whole process to stop: NoMethodError :: Taxon hasn’t implemented to_ary“. I do not know what that error means. I tried running it twice and the same issue happened.

Thanks for any thoughts on the matter. Kind regards, Alan

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): iOS 10.14.6

Welcome to the Forum, @afranck and thanks for your report!