Unexpected options available when long pressing another user's comment / identification in Android app

on Android app 1.29.18, i opened up an observation with a comment by another user and was trying to select the text (to translate it), when i realized that long pressing a spot left of (and just above) the text of the comment brings up a menu of options (withdraw, restore, add/edit) that probably should not be available (since it’s another user’s comment). long pressing a spot on another user’s identification left of and between the user icon and taxon thumbnail brings up a similar menu.

observation has comment by another user:

long pressing comment brings up option menu:

selecting edit actually brings up edit popup (although it does not seem to actually save changes):

long pressing identification brings up option menu:

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I can confirm this behavior on my older Android tablet (same app version, Android 11).


Where exactly are you long pressing? I can’t replicate and I’m trying a bunch of places.

Thanks, I can replicate in both the production release and latest beta, so I’ve made an issue.

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