Ungrafted paleotaxon

The ungrafted genus Custodela contains one species. It seems to belong in Linyphiidae, according to this source: https://eol.org/pages/47486022/names
The wikipedia page in Italian suggests these Custodela species were identified as fossils in amber. So possibly extinct.
I can’t/don’t know how to/don’t want to manage any of this.

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It is not a genus recognised by WSC, and has no observations in iNat.

Don’t stress yourself about it. Just go to the taxon page and flag it for curation. Someone else will look at it, if it’s not solved already.

Edit: Replied to the wrong person, sorry.

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IRMNG says the genus is fossil only; so, extinct. I grafted the genus to Linyphiidae and updated the status.

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I had to set the taxa back to active for now. It’s not monotypic, it has roughly a dozen species all of which have been imported. The additional ones cant be grafted to an inactive parent, so all that has to be done first then it can be reset to inactive.

In general I would suggest Fossilworks as a better source for looking up and referencing extinct stuff

The taxa seem to have come in through EOL

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