Ungrafted spider: Bavia kairali

I am puzzled by this ungrafted spider species, with one observation of a rather lovely spider. The species was imported by the observer (I assume) but doesn’t turn up in iNaturalist’s spider reference (World Spider Catalogue). What if anything should be done with it? https://www.inaturalist.org/flags/499432

The name itself has been used in multiple published articles, so it is not a matter of the WSC somehow missing one. But they clearly also do not accept the name, as they don’t even list it as a synonym, or have any species under any genus with that epithet.

EDIT - I should also note a specialist site of Salticidae (http://www.jumping-spiders.com/) does not accept it either, so its exclusion is not solely a WSC issue.

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Wow - what do we do with the species here? Would help if it was a synonym for something (the genus…??)

Basically what you have here is a species listed in a few generally Indian specific resources, but not accepted in any other global resource. I cant find any evidence that it is newly described, the journal articles referencing it go back more than a decade. Nor that it is a synonym, I cant find any suggestion it is a synonym.

It is just listed in a few places. Its a general problem of managing the taxonomy, how to deal with for want of a better term outlier listings.

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I moved this to a new thread since it was getting a little off of the main topic in the other thread. I’m also going to close this and ask that further discussion continue on the taxon flag – I just posted something there myself.

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