Scientific name categorized incorrectly

I added an observation I then IDd as Gardneriella tubifera:

In the literature this is a parasitic red algae in Solieriaceae family:
or any number of other references from a Google search. But iNat seems to have it classified as a fish (Grouper). Not sure which curator I should reach out to for an assist. Should I post as a bug?

For some reason when the name was imported, it grafted to the rockcod genus Epinephalus. Also as a side note, the name Gardneriella tubifera was a misspelling of Gardneriella tuberifera (see I’ve created a taxon with the correct spelling, and swapped it over.

In future if you encounter anything like this, you can directly flag the taxon on iNat for curators to see and fix.

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There was a period there for a while when new taxon imports kept getting grafted somewhere random in fish, if I recall correctly. I don’t know if that was ever tracked down.

Thanks for the quick fix! I hadn’t figured out where to flag that.

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