Auto-importing new names grafts them to the wrong place

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I was investigating a flag on a mis-grafted taxon, Stictosiphonia gracilis, which should be an alga. I found that the genus did not exist yet in our DB. In the past, I have found that the easiest way to get a genus added is to auto-import a species in that genus.

So I googled it to get a species name, found “Stictosiphonia kelanensis”, then used the identify page to start to add that name to a random observation so that I could auto-import it by clicking “Search external name providers”. After doing this, I discovered that the newly added taxon was also mis-grafted.

I did this once more with “Stictosiphonia intricata” while writing this up, and this one was also mis-grafted to an unrelated fish genus.

Stictosiphonia gracilis - grafted to fish genus Eviota
Stictosiphonia kelanensis - grafted to fish genus Melanochromis
Stictosiphonia intricata - grafted to fish genus Pseudoplatystoma

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