Unknown observation won't upload

IOS mobile app, App version number: Version 3.1

On my app home page, it says “1 Observation To Upload.”

I swipe up, it says “Syncing,” then it goes back to “1 Observation To Upload.”

I have logged out and logged back in. After my log in, my homepage goes back to normal with '3505 Observations." Then later, when I return to the app, it shows “1 Observation To Upload” again. I have logged out and logged back in at least three times now. HELP!

If you scroll down through your observations, do you see any that look different - green or pink?

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Yes! I found one.

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Screenshot of same observation on my computer browser.

I signed out and then back into my mobile app. So far, so good.

Now it’s gone back to “1 observation to Upload.”

I deleted and reinstalled app. It’s fixed and synced now.

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OK, I’m glad it’s fixed so I’ll close this, but if i happens again please let us know.