iOS App: Old observations stuck on 'waiting to upload'

Platform: iOS14.5.1

App version number: 3.2, build 636

I just made an iNaturalist account yesterday and there are four observations that say they are from a year ago that say “Waiting to upload…” with the green upload button over my profile picture. I can click upload and it starts to load, says “syncing”, then goes right back to “Waiting to upload…” with nothing changed. My observations that I added today worked just fine. I’m not sure where these other ones even came from. I had used the app a bit a few years ago but it was under a different account.

If I log out and back in, they disappear at first, but after closing and reopening the app a couple times, they show back up again.

Can you choose to delete them if you press on them for some time?

Ah, I was able to go into the observation and delete it from there. Didn’t realize I could do that. Thanks.

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