Unrelated taxa on Suggestions: iNat Identify page

What happened?


Looks like it only happens for “Unknowns”.

https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?place_id=6878 (Plant and seagull for a start - 500 suggestions)

Windows 10 Home Single Languague (version 1803)
Browser: Firefox (Version 70.0)

Thanks a lot.

If you narrow the taxon filters to “birds” it will exclude things like frogs and snakes. Since the observation doesn’t have a label yet (Unknown), it just shows all top observed organisms nearby.

If you’re interested in visually similar (computer vision) suggestions, you have to change the “Source” from “Observations” to “Visually Similar”:


Thanks Cassi. My fault. I usually use the Android App for Identifications. Guess I have to get used to the site as fast as I can. Cheers

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