Add "Unknown species" category to Android app's Explore section

I sometimes use my phone (an Android) for identifying observations. Under “Explore” I have access to most of the search settings available on the website, including the option to filter by type, e.g. Plants/Birds/etc.
Missing from the list of types is “unknown”. Searching “Life” just gets me everything.
I’d like to be able to add IDs to observations that have none. But I can’t selectively search for such observations on the app.

I would like this functionality as well. Sometimes I want to be able to ID from my phone since my son is laying on me sleeping and be able to do the easy ones where they are Unknown so I just have to put Plant, Fungus, etc.


Please! I pretty much exclusively ID via the app, since it’s what I have with me outside and about. This would be A++! (Won’t get into the extensive issues of the app in general…)

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This seems like it should be doable (granted, I don’t know much about app development). You could also try opening iNat’s Identify portal from your phone’s Internet browsers. It has its own quirks, but you can at least sort for unknowns.

You might also be interested in these related feature requests:


I tried using my phone browser, but it’s agonizingly slow, a bit buggy, and the UI isn’t good for the small screen. I think that’s a known issue, and would be much more difficult to change.

Thanks for the links!

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You can specify which high level taxon you filter for on iOS. At the end of the little icons for the taxa is a question mark in a dotted leaf outline. That filters for Unknown.