Unusual branch (Pinus sylvestris)

I was quite amused when I saw this pine tree:

How did it happen?


I’ve seen this a couple times myself.

Because they seem to have switched from supporting growth to taking advantage of growth, I like to refer to them as…

‘Executive Branches’


Very cool! It’s like the tree grafted itself.

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Storm damage and the tree has grown over the wound?

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Perhaps when the branch was young it was snapped back over the trunk but didn’t die. I know of several species that will continue to grow even if you snap the trunk. Supported between the trunk and another branch, it didn’t rip off, but continued to grow as if had grown in that direction from the beginning. Over time it was engulfed by the trunk and surrounding branches before eventually dying due to apical dominance and lack of light. That’s my theory.
It looks just like a thread graft I have on one of my bonsai.


Maybe the tree is practicing for its next incarnation as a parasite?

is there a planthopper city in that tree?

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