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Question: I have seen the list “Upcoming BioBlitz”. I created a project for an upcoming BioBlitz, starting May 29th and ending June 25th. However, I do not see it on this list. What action do I need to take to make that happen?
Appreciate your help. Judy judy406

can you provide links to what youre talking about?

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Hi @judy_dobles, welcome to the iNat Forum! If you’re referring to this page: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/calendar I don’t think it’s actually linked to from anywhere on the website (and I’d be curious how you stumbled upon it). It’s an old page that hasn’t been updated since projects were revamped several years ago, so “collection” type projects do not appear there. Last time this came up, staff said updating the page was pretty low priority.


How do you put BioBlitzes on the list?

I know of two BioBlitzes in CT in June: Jun 3-4 in New London/Groton and Jun 11 Weir Farm Ridgefield

I think there is also one in Rhode Island?

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