Uploading a batch from flickr duplicates the batch

Platform : website

Browser: Chrome, did not check on firefox yet

**URLs: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/boguo - I have deleted some duplicates aIready but there are some Ieft.

Screenshots of what you are seeing

Description of problem : when I use upload from flickr with multiple observations, those observations get duplicated

Step 1: Upload observations, choose fIickr

Step 2: Select multiple photos from there

Step 3: Fill in details for each observation, upload them

Step 4: check your observations page

Are you seeing duplicates on the website as well, or just on the Android app? What happens if you sign out of the Android app and sign back in?

@tiwane This is on site on PC as well as on app. Logging out of android app does not help. The photos were uploaded on PC. I deleted some duplicates but left a few for further tests. They are still there even if I log out, and on some different people started giving IDs, so they are listed as separate observations.

Hi @boguo, are you still experiencing this issue?

Hey, sorry, i haven’t logged in for some time. I don’t use flickr anymore and finished uploading my observations from there. I worked around the issue by not uploading in batch.

I just imported some test observations from Flickr and couldn’t replicate.

Closing as we can’t replicate.