Uploading Feeder cam observations

With feeder cams being all the more popular during this whole COVID-19 situation, I wanted to know what’s recommended for uploading observations of images taken from the live feeds.

Does anybody have any guidance on what to do? I’m specifically talking about the Panama fruit feeder that Cornell does but I suppose this should apply to any similar live cams.

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Are you talking about uploading observations you made from someone else’s live cam? I’d think this would be frowned upon.


Right, I considered the possibility that there would be issues with that. Thanks for the quick response


The short answer is this is not allowed.

The longer version is:

Since you don’t hold the copyright to images from live cams, you can’t upload them.

See more discussion here, here, here, here, here, and here.


Lol, that is a lot of different topics for the same thing. Thank you for putting them there. I know that is a lot of trouble. :-)

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