Uploading: many photos > many keywords > hovering text everywhere

Whenever I’m uploading multiple photos, that usually have many keywords, which multiply when loading many photos, as I’m deleting them at the uploading page, some hovering text starts to appear, and accumulate. I’m trying to click all the “x” to delete them and more and more hovering text appears, then if I click one by mistake, all the selection (of observations) disappears, I need to select them all and start clicking again. It’s very annoying when I need to click sometimes 100 keywords to delete.

I’m using Opera web browser.

I know: “remove keywords first”, but that’s not the problem, I don’t know if the same happens with other browsers, or why do the hovering text starts to appear all over the keyword list. I’d be great a button to “clear all keywords”.

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As well as this post to report the pop-up things, you could make a #feature-requests to ask for the “clear all keywords.”

Would you mind emailing some of those photos to help@inaturalist.org so I can take a look? Please make sure they have all their metadata. :-)