Uploading multiple observations to a single location

Hi, I’m new to iNaturalist. I feel that an answer to this question must be somewhere, but I have been unable to find it. I have hundreds, maybe thousands of UNGEOTAGGED observations from a single location. Is there a way for me to designate that location and then import multiple observation into it at once rather than having to load each one individually and zoom into the location for each record? Please let me know. Thanks.

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Just choose them all (or part of them) on upload page and change location for them all at once, I guess it should be shown at one of tutorial videos.


The other thing that might help if you’ll be uploading over multiple sessions is to used pinned locations. You find the location once, save it with a pin, and then can easily bring it up later.


Here’s a tutorial video for the web uploader: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/video+tutorials#add_web


Exactly what are you calling a location ? How big is the area in question? If you have thousands of records it suggests it is a decent size, which means if you do a single spot in inat, you would need a large uncertainty buffer defined for the records.


Hi, you don’t have to zoom for each record. When you upload your pictures ,there will be several cards for the species, right? Click the first picture and hold your Shift button on keyboard then click the last picture to select all. Now you will find out that you can locate them with the same location.

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Thank you all! Records in question are from an area of about 5 acres.

should be fine, but you should make sure to enlarge the uncertainty circle so that it covers all five acres if you don’t know where to more detail than that. Maybe would be ~300-500 m uncertainty depending on the shape of the place