URL for obs reviewed for others

I have an URL for the IDs I have made

But for each ID that I can add, I have reviewed … dozens at least!


In the search filters, under Reviewed select Yes. On Identify you can alternatively check the box next to Reviewed at the top:


On Explore the Reviewed option is under the More Filters panel:

To exclude your own observations, add &not_user_id= and then your username to the end of the URL, like:


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I’m still at less than 5 IDs per day. I’m going to limit myself to just IDing on Fridays for now (unless it comes up in my notifications and I need to revise my previous ID). I have a huge backlog of observations to add. I need to work on that instead.


42K IDs versus 87K for my own Cape Peninsula
And for the wider view (without that place filter) 127K - what feels like dozens is only 3 times then.


7,795 IDs & 13,893 reviewed (worldwide)

My reviewed number isn’t quite accurate though. I often don’t mark things as reviewed that I didn’t add an ID to. I tell myself that maybe if I see it again later on I’ll know more by then and might be able to ID it.

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Many shades of grey across my ID or reviewed. But these numbers give us some tangible idea of how many fuzzy green - yes I am almost definitely certain that is A Plant.

But a simple ID like av for Aves, annotated for feather - flipped in days to a happy ID :~))

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