Are you able to search observations that you haven't id'd?

i’ve been trying to find a way to filter out the observations i have already id’d from the needs id. I’ve tried searching in both the id and explore tabs and cant seem to get it to work? any help would be appreciated!

I believe that if you have ID’d an obs, it is set to Reviewed automatically. You can therefore filter out the IDs you have ‘Reviewed’, to achieve what you want?


it does, however if you come back another time or reload the page it doesn’t seem to work?

I have my filter set to per_page=10
When I go to the next page, I can see if a rogue obs missed being ticked as Reviewed.


You can also use &without_ident_user_id=


What do you mean? If it’s reviewed it stays that way unless you uncheck it. It takes time for system to apply it, so before refreshing the page it’s better to wait a little and then refresh twice if something old shows up.


You can also use:!/Identifications/get_identifications

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