URL Slug Changed After Uploading Image


I am using a Dell with Windows 10 installed.

I use both Edge and Chrome.

I have set up a number of iNat projects (106) for an upcoming fall ecoregional bioblitz (Northern Rocky Mountain Biodiversity Challenge). I am now in the process of trying to banner images.

Note: I had set up 72 summer projects, then wanted to repeat it, and expand the number of participating jurisdictions

As a test, I added one to the Adams County, ID project.

Before I added the image, the project URL was:

After I added the image, the URL is:

Why am I getting the trailing characters in the slug?

The only variable that I can think of is that, for the first few projects, I duplicated a previous project instead of created a new one from scratch. Thats why, when you delete the trailing characters (-831882d5-df33-4801-ad67-d154f777fee2) and reload, it takes you to the summer project:

I’m hesitant to add images to the other projects for fear that I may have to delete them and start over. I guess I can do that, but it would be a lot of work.

Thanks for any help/suggestions!

Geoge Gehrig