Usability bug in dialogue „Edit … Photos“ – Unmarked photos are deleted

Website, Firefox V 114 Windows 11, Last tested on 28.06.2023 on this page:

The handling of the editor in the delete process of photos works contraintuitive.

If I mark a photo in the dialogue „„Edit Observation > Media > Photos > Selected Photos“ (Ausgewählte Fotos) and then click on the button „delete“ (löschen) all other (unmarked) photos are deleted, but the selected photo remains. (Last tested 28.06.2023 on, see screenshots).

According to general usability habits this is not what I expected, I think it should be vice versa: The command „delete“ should be applied to the marked object.
Could please be checked, whether this could be optimized? Thank you very much!

To reproduce (the unexpected event):

Step 1: Look up an existing observation eith several uploaded photos

Step 2: Edit, go to dialogue Media - Photos, mark a photo

Step 3: click on the command “delete” (in german “löschen”)

The Screenshot shows the “unusual workaround”.

in the English version of the page, “löschen” is shown as “clear” (not “delete”).

i interpret the function of the “clear” action as clearing any files to be uploaded that you have selected via the “choose files…” or “durchsuchen…” button.

i don’t think clicking “clear” is actually the action that will disassociate unchecked photos from the observation. rather, it’s when you save changes that any unchecked photos will be disassociated, regardless of whether you clicked “clear” or not before saving.

i do think it’s unclear that unchecking photos and saving will cause the unchecked photos to be effectively dropped from the observation, but this is the way that that page has always worked as far as I can tell, and i suspect it’s unlikely that there will be any changes to that page any time soon.

While the current German translation is not accurate, I am struggling to find an adequate translation.
Leeren = empty?
Zurücksetzen = set back?
Aufheben = cancel?

Once agreed on a term, I can implement the change in translation

Many thanks for your answers. Seems as if I did not yet find the dialogue, where I simply can apply the command „delete from my observation“ on a photo, which I loaded up to an observation, e.g. by mistake.

So I used the function we are now discussing about, but obviously did not understand the function/purpose of the command „löschen“ („clear“) here in this dialogue window. Does it mean „empty the dialogue-window from the photos displayed“? Even then nothing visibly is applied to the „marked“ photos, but the „unmarked“ disappear from the window and from the observation, as well (after clicking on „löschen“(clear) AND saving the changes with the blue button beneath (in german „Beobachtung speichern“).

Thanks for the proposal for the appropriate translation to replace the german term „löschen“.The best word for the meaning „clear“ in the sense of „empty“ is „leeren“, i think.

And apart of that: where I can simply delete photos, Where can I apply the command „delete“ to a photo?

KR, uwilkens

let me try to clarify things a little with some screenshots.

part 1 - adding a photo

in the Edit screen, suppose i want to add some photos to an observation. the process to do this is:

  1. select the files that i want to add using the Choose Files button (below any existing photos)

  2. click the Save Observation button (at the bottom of the page)

part 2 – the clear function

suppose I started the process described in part 1 above by doing step 1, but i decide that i want to stop the process before doing step 2. at this point, the names of the file(s) that i’ve selected to be added would be displayed next to the Choose Files button, like so:


to reverse the selection so that when i click Save Observation, no photo(s) will be added, i need to use the Clear function. when i click this:


… the names of the selected files will be removed:


… and at this point, if i were to click the Save Observation button (to save other changes), no additional photo would be added to the observation.

part 3 – removing a photo

from the Edit screen, there are only 2 actions needed to disassociate a photo from the observation:

  1. uncheck the checkbox next to the photo to be disassociated:

  2. click the Save Observation button (at the bottom of the page):