Obsevations with deleted photos are still verifiable

I’m still seeing this issue on observations that were removed for copyright infringement and then had the photo deleted: inaturalist.org/observations/119432737

Reindexing works, but is a pain. I’m working through this user’s obs to reindex them all now, but do we know why this happens and how to stop it yet? inaturalist.org/observations/119432737


I also see this, though I do think it is a separate bug because as I recall these observations actually still have ‘Yes’ checked in ‘Has Photos or Sounds’ (I don’t have a quick example to pull up to verify this).


Oh, fair- if a forum mod wants to move my comment to an appropriate spot feel free!

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@antrozousamelia are you seeing this just one observations made by that account?

I tried to replicate a few times on our test server but can’t.

What happened was this, as far as we know?

  • observation posted with photo.
  • photo flagged as copyright infringment.
  • observer deleted photo but not the observation.
  • observation is still verifiable even though its DQA looks like this:

  • reindexing fixes the observation.

Yes, that’s what happened as far as I know. I’ll keep an eye out for this going forward, but it’s kind of tricky because when a copyright flag is made and the photo is then deleted, the observation is no longer linked.

I see this pretty rarely and by construction it is hard to come up with a search filter for it (is there a particular taxa with a statistically disproportionate amount of copyright infringement that it might be constructive to peruse for examples?), but I’ll try to keep an eye out for it.

I’m sure when I’ve seen it before I’ve probably just voted ‘no evidence of organism’ or something to make it go away. I guess I hadn’t previously thought about whether it was a bug vs the designed behavior, as there is some other surprising but I assume intended behavior re: suspended/sanctioned accounts, like observations still showing up on range maps despite being impossible for non-curators to open.

if you do see this behavior again try to be especially careful not to do anything to trigger reindexing before posting it; taking a screenshot might help in case someone else accidentally does that before staff gets a chance to take a look at it.

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