User has opted-out of Community Taxon + Identify

I have come across a few observations in Identify when looking though unknown (iconic_taxa=unknown) which have an id. In each case the observer hasn’t posted an id, but one other user has. The user has opted-out of Community Taxon. Should these show up as unknown?

Here is an example observation:

the way opt outs work sometimes is annoying, but yes, i think what you’re seeing aligns with the way i would expect the system to work. just mark as reviewed and move on.

If a second community id comes onto a record like that, I think it will default to Casual until the observer weighs in. (QED on that one now)


This seems buggy, I see it happen sometimes and not in other cases. Here’s an example with 3 IDs that’s still in Needs ID:

responded here:

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