Observation still Unknown even after ID suggestion?

This is probably more of an issue with user’s personal settings than an actual bug, but this observation is still registering as Unknown even after I placed an ID for it.

Link to observation/profile.

The observer opted out of community ID, so the label at the top of the page will always be their selection, no matter which IDs are added by other people. In this case it’s just the placeholder ID text.


You think they are aware of it? This is a new user and another observation of theirs has opted for community ID.

Probably not, it’s a pretty confusing message on the app as a new user.

(see also https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/move-opt-out-of-the-community-taxon-toggle-to-less-prominent-location-on-android/13828)

Is there an existing tutorial on how to opt-in that we can refer the new users to, if they say they opted out by mistake?

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not that I’m aware of; feel free to draft one and we can add it to that common responses page