User observation list on the old site and API is missing observations

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Website

Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : any

Description of problem: Following the API documentation at requesting observations for a user is not returning all the observations.

  1. Request observations for a user, eg.

  2. Notice how only 15 observations are returned, asking for page=2 returns no results no it’s not a pagination issue.

  3. Indeed, this is also an issue on the site at only 15 are showing.

  4. shows 102 observations for this same user.

UPDATE: It looks like this is an issue with the old site and old API. Using!/Observations/get_observations returns the full set of observations for the user.

there’s not really an issue here, right? the old API is already deprecated. so as long as you can get what you need using the current API, then i would close this bug report or mark it as solved.

Yeah so I would suggest at where it says

Note: a faster API with more consistent response formats can be found at

to be updated with the preface “The API documented here is deprecated and has known issues, a faster API…”.

It wasn’t clear to me that the first API was deprecated and that it has known bugs.