Users trusted with hidden coordinates: checkbox doesn't stick

This is a really nice feature. Is it still working for everyone? I’ve checked with a few people and no one I have asked seem to be able to get it to work. I can check the checkbox for people I want to “trust”, but there’s no way to save the changes. If I hit refresh or go to the next page of my contacts, it wipes out the changes I made. Thanks!

Mike, I’m pretty sure It is working for me. I added you to the list of people who can see my obscured stuff the day it rolled out, I assume you can see my true locations if you check ?

A couple of folks I know have trusted me, and I see their locations.

I’m getting the same behaviour as Mike: I can check the “Trust with coordinates” box, but it doesn’t stick.

Yes, I noticed this as well, I eventually got it to work, but I’m not sure how.

Yes, I can see your locations. So you clearly got it to work…but it still doesn’t seem to “stick” for me. Chris, I’m curious if you can make changes to your list (e.g. if you check or uncheck one of the boxes, does it stick?).

No, I cant apply any changes either, I did my list pretty much the day the functionality was rolled out and have not touched since.

Just to make sure you are not seeing my stuff due to the rare species project, do you see this one :

That was manually obscured (landowner allowed access when I took this but has since revoked public access so I dont want anyone going looking for it), and it is not covered by the rare species project.

Hi Chris,

Yes, I can see it. I actually didn’t know this feature had rolled out until I noticed a record of yours that hadn’t yet been added to the rare species project and wondered why I could see the coordinates, and then clicked the explanation below the location to find out. That’s when I tried to use the feature myself…


I’m having the same problem as Mike. I asked a friend to share hidden coordinates and they reported they ticked the box, yet I still couldn’t see their hidden coordinates. They checked their “relationships” page again and the box under my name was unticked. Upon multiple tries (and page refreshes), it still wouldn’t work. I then tried to share my hidden coordinates with them, but I experienced the same problem - the box won’t stay ticked.

Further, it seems that when I played around with the “Follow (receive updated about new observations)” button, I couldn’t get it ticked again. I had to “remove relationship” and refollow the person to get the button ticked again. Any news on this?

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Sorry folks. This should be fixed now (works for me). Let us know if it’s still happening for you.