Using Atom Feed on Website - Need Help


How do you use the Atom feed on a website? I have been tinkering with the feed for an hour, and while I can generate atom feeds just fine, I have no idea how to actually embed them into a website. A ton of my favorite pictures are on iNaturalist, so having my images linked to my website automatically through iNaturalist would be amazing! Loading up a slideshow of them would be icing on the cake, but I don’t expect that much handholding from a free help forum.

Thanks for any help you can offer in advance!
Signed, Bad At Web Design

An Atom feed is usually read by a feed reader, ‘embedding’ it in a web page is not the intended purpose (but it’s not impossible) searching stackoverflow might be a better source for technical questions.

There is also the old official ‘Blog Widget’ which may get you what you want, it will generate the html needed. Lots of related forum threads too.

@pisum has created a custom javascript version that uses the iNaturalist API


i made a very basic example of a slideshow, too:

code for both this slideshow viewer and the grid-of-observations widget thing are located at feel free to adapt the code as you like for your purposes.


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