Using iNaturalist to inspire song lyrics, integrate arts/sciences

I have been enjoying casually using this app for years and one day noticed how beautiful many of the species names were. I ended up using local searches to inspire song imagery and lyrics, which has helped me to integrate my local native ecologies (eastern sierra) into a few of my songs.

Note… I acknowledge that lately the internet is (understandably) sensitive to “self-promotion” so much so that it is becoming impossible to genuinely share creative works with the people who would appreciate them (already extremely difficult in the music industry), so I just want to emphasize that with this post I am consciously celebrating the community/creativity/arts/sciences integration and inspiration made possible by iNaturalist and that is my intention. If that merits taking the post down, I understand but am disappointed about it.

The song holds the grief, love, fear, and hope that we all share for our beautiful and vulnerable planet. I feel that the people using this app are sensitive to all that and would appreciate the expression carried in this song. This song was significantly informed by my inaturalist search ~