UTC and time in exported reports

Why is it that when I download some data from a project, the column “time_observed_at” is sometimes in UTC and formatted a certain way and sometimes is not???
one view: 2023-04-02 12:20:00 UTC
and the other: 2023-04-03 3:04:00 PM

same project - just selected different dates.

Just to clarify: do you mean that the time format differs within a single export file, or between different exports?
Also, what data are you exporting and how – is this from the “download” button on the filters menu of the observation page?

hi! the time format between different downloads but from the same project, just different dates. I am referring to the field “time_observed_at”. In fact I just did another download and now it is showing as “2023-01-01 22:35:00 +0100”, it sometimes shows as “2023-04-03 23:04:00 UTC” and “2023-04-01 8:05:00 PM”. There is no rhyme or reason, I am doing the same set of tasks every time. Just getting different date formats each time.
Data is from within the Project, click on Observations which then presents a “Export Observation” button on the right side. I just then select the dates I want.


are you viewing the results in plain text or in an app like Excel? when Excel opens a CSV file, it will look at the first few rows of data and will apply a format to each column that it thinks is appropriate for the data it sees. so it’s possible the formatting applied may be different for each CSV file you open based on the data in the file. but if you need a specific format, then you need to explicitly import the CSV into Excel and specify the formatting that you want for each column.


You could also upload example export files to some repository and post a link on the forum (assuming the project doesn’t have sensitive data like shared obscured location data).

ok thanks… let me do some more testing.

I will do that today, but first, I will try what @pisum suggested. thanks.

forgot to add, I am using EXCEL.

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