Video hosting help?

I have been increasingly frustrated with using YouTube to host short videos I make for iNat observations. I have the free account, and it just seems like the interface and allowed privileges are always changing. One time I can upload, another time I cannot.

Does anyone have any suggestions for alternate user-friendly video hosting, preferably free?

Or tips on how to tame YouTube? Advice much appreciated.

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I made a vimeo account for iNat.

The free accounts have limits:
You can upload 500MB per week (limited to 10 uploads every 24 hours) with a total 5GB total video stored. source:


I’m using Flickr for the short videos from my trail camera. I link to the video in the notes of my observation. I have a free account. They limit free accounts to 1,000 photos or videos. I’m not sure if there is a file size restriction.


i’ve never had issues loading to YouTube. what exactly are the issues you’re encountering?


The interface has changed over the years, but I can usually poke around until I find the Upload facility. Now, I can see my channel and videos and look at statistics and analytics…. Maybe even change descriptions.

But, I find the Upload icon now takes me to Record or Live. And, Live no longer let’s me choose videos to add to it. In Live, I used to be able to designate a video or two and upload it, even recently. Yesterday, after I tried to upload a second video, I get a message saying I do not have the privilege of Live streaming (which I don’t want, even).

I feel so lame, as I used to be able to do this. I got one video uploaded yesterday (via Live), but when I used the same path later, it would not let me upload a second video.

Live is not for videos though, it’s for streaming.

the buttons are next to each other. are you sure you’re not accidentally or unintentionally clicking / tapping the wrong button?



this looks like possibly the iOS app. since i don’t have an iOS device, i’m not sure of its capabilities. if you switch to the web version of the platform, do you have an upload option there?

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It looks like you would then tap on one of the videos in your last screenshot to upload it (below where it says Record and Go Live, you should be able to scroll down and tap the video of interest).


My oopsie! …I will repost this later

Okay, thanks for your patience… I wanted to redo the screenshots (thanks @pisum).

Okay, so this is what i get currently if I try to upload YouTube videos.

Even yesterday, I could creak in a new video from the circled + sign. It did not seem like the way I ~should~ have to do it, but it has worked for the last few months. As @bouteloua suggested, I could add a video to the display below RECORD and GO LIVE and add a video there. Now, that method doesn’t work. I thought maybe I needed to delete some of the videos stored there, but I do not see how to do that in the interface.

@marina_gorbunova Yah, it sure did not make sense to me when the add videos icons started taking me to that page for Recording or Go Live a month or more ago. But, at first I could click to add a video below and add it that way. Now I cannot.

@lunarjelly and @sbushes Thanks for the vimeo suggestion. If I just can’t resolve YouTube, maybe I’ll try that.

@lappelbaum I have an old Flickr account. I used to love Flickr, but then it would no longer take my videos, then they capped the capacity, which corked me off.

I appreciate everyone for pitching in here!

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Are you tapping on one of the videos when you receive that pop-up Eligibility message? It looks like that message would instead appear when tapping “Go Live” (live mobile streaming is restricted for channels with fewer than 1000 followers).

Lemme try again; I think I recall when I click a video below the record/golive panels, it starts playing that video.

So, there are 9 videos below the Record/Upload panels. These are ones I uploaded in the past. When I click one, I am taken to an edit and upload facility.

It seems to me, if I could delete some of those 9 videos from that area (without deleting them from YouTube), I could add new videos there to upload. But there is no “…” or edit menu that I can find on that page.

The videos listed there are the ones stored on your device. I tried it out on an iPad by recording a new video with the iPad camera app and it appeared there in YouTube at the top of the list. You should be able to see new videos there that are recorded via (or saved to?) your iPad.

Alternatively you can go to your iPad’s photo/video gallery, select the video, tap the share icon, and share to YouTube.

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Yes, those 9listed videos are among ones on my device in Photos. Those were created with the iPhone.

I will try the second method you suggest. Thanks!

I know that is how I used to do it, but the share to YouTube icon has been missing from the Share options for a long time. That may be a permissions issue. Dunno… I don’t see anything in Settings that’s changed.

Maybe I need to update the YouTube app.

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