View all of an observation's photos when suggesting an ID

The Problem

When using the IOS iNaturalist App, once you click on "Suggest ID" you can no longer view the photos provided by the user. Only a small cropped version of the observation's first photo is provided with no option to zoom into this photo. I seldom make IDs on the app, but when I do, I often back out of this Suggest ID screen to take another look at the photos.

Example of what the “Suggest ID” screen looks like on the iNaturalist IOS-app:

Suggested Feature

  • The option to view and zoom into all of an observation’s photos on the “Suggest ID” screen.


I realize that the app is not geared toward making identifications, but since there is an option to suggest an ID on the app I feel that this feature is needed.

I have an iPhone, so tagged this for the iOS-app. Please let me know if this is also missing from the android-app and I’ll add that tag.

Edited the title so it referred explicitly to the iOS app.

On Android, you can tap the photo to zoom in on it from that screen. But you can only use the “Suggest ID” feature for the first photo (on someone else’s observation). Like iOS, you can only view the first photo on that screen.

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Hi! Just to make sure I follow you, when you say, “that screen”, you mean the “Suggest ID” screen on someone else’s observation, correct? So on the screen in my image above, you would be able to click on that top photo to zoom in on it?

This topic can probably be broadened to include the android-app as well. I’ll remove the “in the iOS App” part of the title and add the tag “android-app” if that is ok with you @tiwane.

Yep! Tapping the top image brings me to a new screen with the larger photo which I can zoom in on.

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Cool! I wonder why the iOS-app does not have this feature. I also wonder why (on both apps) you can only view the first photo.

The iOS app, having been originally written many moons ago, has had to have its old underlying code replaced piece by piece with newer code so that more features can be added to it, so replacing that old code has been the priority. And that underlying code has had to be replaced while still making sure the app is usable, so it takes a while. We’re hoping to add more features to iOS throughout the year.


Interesting, that explains the differences between the two apps. Thank you!

Is there any traction on the new iOS app? I was SO JEALOUS when I saw the android version.

It’s still planned but we can’t provide an estimate as to when it will be added, I’m sorry.